Hey girl gang, it’s been a while – I’ve been super busy and really wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to! So some of you may know my beauty business has always been a sideline to my city job – mainly working evenings and weekends. I have always been super passionate about […]

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Chic Like Me…

Lockdown certainly got me thinking about what my passions are in life and I’m naturally a creative, so beauty and fashion is absolutely where my passion lies. Two things I never ever get bored of look at and talking about. I get such a pleasure out of educating others on the things I love, I’m […]

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Buy the Brands Best

I hope you are doing well and keeping sane in the current conditions, if your anything like me I can’t bloody stop shopping LOL! Me and the various postmen are now all on first name terms hahahaha! Please make me feel better and tell me you are all doing the same! If you are anything […]

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April 2020 Beauty Hacks

I hope you all enjoyed my blog regarding recommendations – as promised here are my tips and beauty hacks to follow! Although promise me one thing – did you sign up to the websites before making your purchase? Make my day and tell me you got yourself a bargain!??? Just sharpening your pencils, organising your […]

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Bride Prep

Hi Everyone, just another tiny post by me NOT! LOL Sorry guys once I start taping away I just can’t stop, but I do hope that all of the below is really helpful, as I participate in so many weddings each year, and have experience in knowing how to prep well for the morning of […]

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The Fine Art of Sale Shopping!

As the ultimate bargain hunter – it is actually rare that I ever pay full price for anything and I love it! I completely come in to my own when it comes to sale shopping – mainly online unless it’s really worth rummaging for – like the recent Sophia Webster sample sale I went to […]

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