Hey girl gang, it’s been a while – I’ve been super busy and really wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to!

So some of you may know my beauty business has always been a sideline to my city job – mainly working evenings and weekends. I have always been super passionate about what I do because I truly love meeting new women snd empowering them. That feeling when a woman looks in the mirror after you’ve transformed their hair or make-up and they feel a million dollars and it’s down to you – it never gets old!

I’ve always wanted my business to be full time and I have always wanted to teach Hair & Make-up. I feel so strongly about women having a trade – like men learn to be electricians / plumbers / carpenters, this is far from a sexist comment I’m stating what has been the norm for men for so long and there feels there’s been little choice for women so far – and with the beauty industry vastly expanding and having a bigger market than ever before, I feel like obtaining a skill within the industry will always be a win win and a skill for life!

Ladies even if you have your fulltime jobs in the city or local and want to earn extra of an evening or weekend or if you fancy a complete change in career, or your fresh out of school just starting out I can’t even put in to words what this skill has done for me!

New Year’s Eve I fitted in 20 clients 😱 I know crazy right!? But I love it! Not to mention the financial freedom this has given me over the last 10 years I am so grateful!

So 2021 I got my teaching qualification, 2022 I wrote 16 courses, following a tight running order – I filmed 40 tutorials with models over 24 hours for a week with a videographer and wrote the script for every caption on every tutorial video. I had a photoshoot in Kensington with the wonderful Sophia and had Emmamackmua.com designed and published by my web designers – Hubbl.

Emmamackmua.com is truly a masterpiece I am so proud of it! My course content in jam packed with theory, quizzes, kit recommendations, industry and social media advice, step by step instructions of every look created, not to mention 5 of the courses are accredited with a globally recognised certification that all insurance companies recognise. My courses will undoubtedly provide you with the skill and knowledge to go out in to the industry with a little practice and nail a career in whatever avenue you decide to take with in Hair & Make-up.

However there really are courses to suit everyone’s needs – the self use courses are perfect for anyone dying to learn how to do their own hair and make-up confidently!

There’s a teenage make-up designed especially for teenagers that need a little help in the make-up department! In addition the children’s hair course is a winner for any mum that is in need of a lesson on little girls hair!

I hope you love the Emma Mack home as much as me – it’s luxury, real, inclusive, educational and a woman’s sanctuary!

Eternally thankful for your support… stay tuned XOXO

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