Life after lockdown = fashion after fever

Anyone else suffering with serious anxiety about the world opening up again???

Yes of course it’s super exciting to nurse a cold wine that someone else has served you for the first time in months #dreamy! But is anyone else guilty of getting a little used to their small simple and quiet life? All these feelings are totally normal!

If the prospect of stepping outside your front door for social occasions isn’t scary enough, it’s the question of what the bloody hell am I gonna wear?

You may have smashed lockdown and can’t wait to show off your sexy new figure, although I presume there are many of us where the slower pace of life has taken its toll on our curves and dress size!

We got invited to the pub recently with some friends and feeling heavier than usual, it really did throw me about what to wear especially now we’re sat outside in the cold!

However I was so over the moon with how my outfit turned out and I’m desperate to inspire someone!

I picked up some smart tailored joggers from Tesco Florence & Fred in a lovely cream colour for £20, I teamed this with an old H&M denim shirt, a beige Shacket recently purchased in the H&M sale for £22, white Adidas super sleek trainers the whole outfit looked stylish, i felt comfortable and bang on trend! Together with a little arm candy (Gucci beige leather handbag) made the outfit look expensive and super chic!

However something else that will make you feel ready to leave the house is a good bit of maintenance! Get that haircut, book in a manicure, apply some tan, tidy up those eyebrows – my appointments took up nearly a whole week, never been such an expensive week lol but I feel human again!

A few other good outfit shouts I’ve recently come across are:

If you’re brave then the below is perfect for a girlie night on the town! I’ve seen a couple of gorgeous girls sport this outfit on Insta and it’s very Carrie Bradshaw – remember when she wore the bright silk mini skirt with the bunny tail at the back???

If you want trendy and comfortable the below is perfect!

I hope I’ve inspired someone with some outfit choices, it’s lovely to be back writing again, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post of 2021 and there will be lots more to come! XOXO

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