Chic Like Me…

Lockdown certainly got me thinking about what my passions are in life and I’m naturally a creative, so beauty and fashion is absolutely where my passion lies. Two things I never ever get bored of look at and talking about. I get such a pleasure out of educating others on the things I love, I’m like a sponge for info when it comes to the things I obsess over!

After sadly losing my dad just over a year ago so suddenly, then living through a worldwide pandemic, it couldn’t hit home harder for me that now is the time to really conquer my dreams. I’m about to hit 30, buying my first home, which is something I’ve longed to be able to do forever, super happy to be ticking that big fat box and it got me thinking I seriously cannot deal with anymore bitchy corporate types, I’m a grafter, too open and honest for my own good and I hate being told what to do, which tells me that I should now be my own boss!

I’m now lashing, hair styling and make upping full time which I love, although unfortunately corona virus has hit our industry pretty hard and BoJo hasn’t shown us much support, however forever positive it’s given me more time to branch in to another area that I love so much ‘FASHION’

I worked in Selfridges London from the age of 17 and I probably spent more time browsing all the pretty things than I did doing my job lol, I also practically worked there for free considering all my wages went back in to Selfridges but I absolutely loved it – If they told me I had to sleep there I would of happily! I would stare endlessly at all the beautiful women that would walk passed dressed head to toe in luxury garments, lust after their beautiful handbags and jewellery, study their perfectly made up faces and daydream about being able to afford the best closet in the world when I got older!

As you know from my blog posts I never stop buying and although to many it seems I may have a shopping addiction LOL! It’s honestly my passion and I don’t spend my money on much else to be honest, never been a huge party girl, and I get such enjoyment from piecing together an outfit and picking up a bargain, as mentioned before I’m forever reselling anything that’s not had an outing in 18 months. It will be a rarity that you would ever see me stressed when getting ready – I have enough to fill a store and outfit ready for every occasion / feeling, I can climb in to my wardrobe and drag something out I haven’t worn in years but I won’t of forgotten about it and I know exactly when I might want it. I forever mix and match, I don’t live by the rule of ‘can only wear it once’ and as I mentioned before more often than not I buy a lot in the sales and at sample sales. I have regular clear outs and happily part with the things I know I haven’t and won’t get the use out of, so I’m an avid eBayer and depopper. Yes I’m trying to justify it so just go along with me ok… I can literally feel my mum sighing HA!

I also suffer terribly with IBS and not to give you a run down of my medical history, but I like to have outfit options that are comfortable for when I’m having a difficult day with my tummy. I’m a huge fan of oversized shirt dresses and boots, so expect to see lots of different styles to suit your mood and feeling. My mum often laughs at me because i sometimes buy an array of sizes incase I’m having a fat day, I know that sounds mental but you girls know what I mean – when it’s time of the month and the last thing you want is something tight around your tummy. For anyone else that suffers from IBS I really feel your pain it’s certainly not an easy thing to live with and it really does impact the things I wear, It seems nowadays the population is filled with people suffering from intolerances more and more every day. So I am looking in to different things to cure it as I won’t be told NO! So if I can help any other sufferers I shall keep you well informed.

Back to the fashion – so I set up an Instagram called Chic Like Me (@chiclikemestore) so I could follow all my favourite brands and influencers, give outfit inspiration, talk about what’s worth buying and what’s not, share with you all my purchases and hopefully build something I can grow and expand on.

I dress for my lifestyle which involves, date nights with my wonderful man, girlie dinners and drinks, birthday celebrations, family lunches, gym, work, chilled nights in, holiday attire, the pub and maybe the odd wedding or party.

So with no further ado I’ve curated a selection of outfits all of which I’ve bought myself so they’re all tried and tested obviously! They’re mostly high street, but to really achieve the expensive look team it with one of your special luxury handbags and you’ll be giving the stars a run for their money!

Give @chiclikemestore a follow on Insta and stay tuned for more XOXO

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