Buy the Brands Best

I hope you are doing well and keeping sane in the current conditions, if your anything like me I can’t bloody stop shopping LOL! Me and the various postmen are now all on first name terms hahahaha! Please make me feel better and tell me you are all doing the same!

If you are anything like me, when I buy an expensive item I expect to have it for years and if I no longer want it then at least be able to sell it. However this method only works really well if you 1. Buy classic styles 2. Buy the Brands best styles!

I’m a big fan of the resell market and selling on the things in my wardrobe that I no longer use, then using the proceeds towards other things that I want! I also tend to find shoes don’t resell as well as bags, after many years of buying shoes i only pay full price for the classic styles anything seasonal I tend to buy from sample sales.

So my ethos is – always buy the Brands Best!

So here are my recommendations per brand ❤️

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