The Perfect British Summer Wardrobe

How are you all doing in lockdown? Although things are easing up a little it’s all still absolutely mental especially now having to remember to wear a mask everywhere we go! However we have been so lucky with the weather! Please tell me you’ve all been online shopping as much as me, is your postman giving you the look each day that screams ‘another parcel ay’ 🤣

What have you enjoyed most about lockdown? Although the world has gone bat shit crazy and we are fighting a horrendous virus worldwide, being told to stay home and RELAX has been pretty heavenly, baking a cake and riding a bike are among the things I wouldn’t have ever got time for previously, and it really has been lovely to get the time to enjoy a simple life. I’ve also tried not to moan as I feel so grateful that although professionally it’s been a set back, practically I have a roof over my head, outdoor space and food on the table, time with my amazing partner and generally a happy home which I am very aware of is more than most. Of course I’ve had my days where I’m craved a little normality I wouldn’t be a woman if I didn’t have a little moan some days LOL.

With all the back garden, sunshine worshipping going on I feel the British summer wardrobe is a funny one!

What we would wear on holiday we wouldn’t dream of wearing at home in the UK.

So for me summer in the UK tends to mean lots of beer gardens, roof top drinks, bbqs and garden parties etc. It doesn’t feel right or comfortable to get overly dressed up for these occasions, plus it tends to be hot sticky and humid and I like to be comfortable.

Zara this year have actually pulled it out the bag with the lovely summer dresses although I tend to find them hit and miss in the summer, although this year there have been lots of great finds…

Never fully dressed is my go to every summer because their styles are always mainly summery any way, all their styles look great with flats, heels or wedges. The prints are always vibrant, it’s comfortable, they do fantastic sales and promotions as well as a great rewards system!

A style that I’ve never worn before but now love is a maxi dress with trainers. I never thought I’d be that girl that felt trendy enough to pull it off but thanks to the never fully dressed inspo it’s my new fave! This particular dress I’ve worn 3 times in the space of 3 months which for me is good going!

Also came across the best ever wedges this summer – Castaner! Gorgeous espadrilles comfortable, not too high but really classy. All the colours are gorgeous and they have quite a few stockists too!

ASOS have also done some great bits this summer this skirt in particular I am obsessed with!!!! The ASOS design and ASOS edition ranges I love, a little more luxury and trendy!

Also I’ve discovered that I was in need of a garden bikini I know this may sound strange, but with all the home sunbathing, a teeny tiny beach bikini doesn’t quite feel right when your sat in the garden with friends round lol. So I decided I was in need of something that didn’t obstruct my tanning capabilities but was a little more covered up! I’m obsessed with the Hunza bikinis and ASOS have done brilliant copies, I didn’t quite want to pay Hunza prices for the back garden so ASOS saved the day!

The summer handbags

I think in the summer were a little more hip cool and fancy free, meaning the big old Mary poppins handbags aren’t quite as appealing on a hot day!

The messenger / disco bags have always been popular but I feel now more than ever! Unfortunately we are not in an age where you can get a lovely designer evening bag for less than £1000 UNLESS you visit Bicester. I managed to bag these 2 beauties for £570 each which I thought was absolutely brilliant, if you’re not fussed about having this seasons and a classy nude designer handbag is just what you need to complete your outfit then head to Gucci at Bicester.

I also bagged myself the best beach bag too!

I was lucky enough to go to Barbados for 2 weeks just before lockdown came in, and I was really on the search for a lovely beach bag, of course we would all love the Chanel canvas but for over £2000 I can’t quite bring myself to chuck it on the sand or drop suntan lotion in it. The straw bucket bags look amazing but are hideous to pack and take up too much room!

Sooo Heidi Klein came through!

Straw like ✅

Classy and expensive looking ✅

Easy to pack ✅

Goes with any bikini or cover up ✅

Great price point at £260 ✅


My fave brands are Heidi Klein, Hunza and Calvin Klein I ALWAYS buy my swimwear in the sale at half price and put them away for my next holiday I also do the same for my partner!

However I bought a stunning swimsuit for just £15 at Bicester from the white company! Who knew the white company even did swimwear!?

A denim jacket I think is the best summer jacket always looks great over a summer outfit if you can’t 100% count on the weather or you know it going to get chilly of an evening. Zara and River Island have these down to a point!

Body suits have also become so popular and Zara always do the best ones! Perfect with denim shorts and wedges easy summer evening look!

Also for those that have any weddings going ahead and really dressy events I did pick up 2 absolutely stunning exclusive self portrait dresses in Harrods last week. Covered in sequin embroidery, that glistens in the light, the styles are so classy and feminine. They were both in the sale which was a plus! Self portrait has got to be my favourite dress brand because of the quality vs the price point I think is great! The sales are brilliant and there’s nothing else that is quite alike it. A showstopper brand in my opinion!

Also Zara have collaborated with Jo Malone on a fragrance range and I cannot stop wearing Ebony wood! I adore the collection and love the handbag size too!

To conclude my always very long waffling on blog post. I’ve had a real turning point in my life this year, I’ve finally said goodbye to city life – thank god! After an extremely stressful 15 months after losing my lovely dad and single handedly dealing with all the affairs which has been horrific, on top of grieving, anyone who has been through this I have a newfound respect for because I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I am finally going to work for myself full time, it has always been with in my plans to be my own boss one day and that day has finally come. I’ve done a refresher master class in lashes with Suzanne from Luxury eye which was brilliant and I can’t wait to add that to my host of hair and make up services. We are hopefully just about to purchase a new home which will be quite the project, complete with a sheep named Gladys 🤣 I have done a ton of research on property in lockdown, and put together a business plan which I am looking to embark on this year. Plus there’s a little something to do with fashion in the pipeline which I am super excited about watch out for – chic like me!

Sometimes life changing events happen to us in our lives and it teaches us to take the bull by the horns and reach for the stars, thank you always to all my readers and followers for following my journey, stay tuned! XOXO

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