Bride Prep

Hi Everyone, just another tiny post by me NOT! LOL Sorry guys once I start taping away I just can’t stop, but I do hope that all of the below is really helpful, as I participate in so many weddings each year, and have experience in knowing how to prep well for the morning of the most special day of your life!

Best way to prep your skin…

Know your skin type

Do you have an oily tzone or get shiny?

Do you have redness? If so is there anything that makes it worse?

Do you have sensitive skin?

Do you have dry skin?

Do you suffer from breakouts?

If you can answer all of the above and find out what skin type you have, the next thing to do would be to adopt a skincare routine, that suits your skin and lifestyle.

My recommended brands are

The ordinary

Bare minerals



But certainly do some homework or a little research, ask friends and possibly find somewhere to have a skin type test.

My skincare routine is…

Cleanser, serum, moisturiser and eye cream everyday.

At night time, after getting out the bath I wear an oil for intense hydration, your skin absorbs the most when you sleep.

I also exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin and any blackheads or impurities on the skin.

I tend to mix and match products so my skin doesn’t get complacent.

This personally works for me and I also use a mask every 2-3 weeks.


I can’t say I have them regularly, however I have just had for the first time – derma-planning and a hydra facial which I really recommend. It gave my skin a boost and the glow back that I’d lost.

But I would recommend seeing a recommended practitioner that knows skin inside out, the last thing you would want is to cause a reaction.

I have done many brides in the past that have had a course of facials, in the lead up to the big day and it has made a huge difference.

Picking the right make up artist for you…

What sort of make up do you usually wear? Do you like to look natural or fully made up? It might sound obvious but try to go with someone that has a similar style to suit your preferences. Ask around for recommendations, message some artists and see who you get a good feel for! It’s really important to pick someone reliable, I have had the odd message in the past from a bride, that has been let down the night before the big day, and you certainly wouldn’t want that happening to you! I also feel that an artist should be able to justify their prices, don’t get me wrong I don’t go round explaining why I charge what I charge, but I’d certainly have the answers if anyone asked, as some artists charge mega prices which I feel is unnecessary. Remember there are no rules when it comes to your wedding, everyone is different some brides like to look heavily made up, some want to look completely natural and that is completely fine, no one should tell you how you have to look.

What to take with you to the trial…

It really does help if you have an idea of what you are looking for and you can describe it well or present photos. Pinterest and instagram hashtags are really helpful for sourcing looks.

I recommend going to the trial with similar hair to how you want it on the day, your skin in good condition and freshly shaped brows.

Your artist should ask you lots of questions about the day…

The date? Time to be ready for? Location of where you’ll be getting ready? Amount of people that want make up? If you have any boundaries for the bridal party make up? The neckline on your dress? The theme of the wedding & dress? What skin type do you have? Is there anything you definitely do or don’t want? What time will you be arriving at the venue? I think most make up artists would recommend individual lashes for the big day, instead of strip lashes, purely so you don’t have to worry about them moving, especially if you get emotional. Your make up artist should take photos at the end and take note of products used, as it could be 6-12 months before seeing eachother again, and you certainly wouldn’t want a different look as to what was decided at the trial.

It’s then your artists job to construct a timetable, of when someone new should be in the make up chair, so everything runs smoothly and on time, on the day.

Questions to ask at the Make Up trial…

What lipstick / liner / gloss should you buy to top up with throughout the day? Any recommendations on skin care or regimes to follow? What products do they use and why? Will they be able to make over all the bridal party on the day or will they need help? What time will they be arriving? Do they require a deposit? What do you need to do to secure the date? I personally take 50% of the total amount a week after the trial to secure the date, that is a commitment to both parties, and a week gives you time to think about anything you may want to change.

Morning of the wedding tips…

Give your bridesmaids some jobs

⁃ Someone to do the music but no overly emotionally songs that will ruin your make up, music always boosts the atmosphere

⁃ Someone to be topping up drinks, something to take the edge off the nerves, worth taking a few bottles with you, as that could be a big expense if your relying on room service.

⁃ Someone entertaining the kids if there are any, and also on feeding and dressing duty

⁃ Someone to take photos before the photographer gets there, those shots can be absolutely gorgeous

⁃ Someone to help get you in your dress, this can take some time depending on the intricacy of the design

Make sure you have food available so that no one is starving or drunk, sounds silly but most brides aren’t thinking of their stomachs. Avoid having smelly foods no one wants to stink of bacon sandwiches, or worry about kids making a mess, platters of croissants and beige finger food is the easiest to manage, have a bin liner ready to easily clear away after.

If you are getting ready in the same room you will be coming back to, with your new husband you don’t want a messy room, either change rooms if an option, have a designated getting ready area or get someone to come and clean it. Photographers as lovely as they are can sometimes have everyone moving around, and moving furniture in the middle of everyone getting ready in order to get their shots. I recommend knowing yourself where you would like to have your photos ie. of the dress – maybe up against the window? Shoes – maybe on the bed? You and the girls in your robes?

So to avoid disruption and losing time, station your hair and make up people out of the way, so no one has to pack up and then unpack again.

All of these little details help you get the best out of your morning and run as smoothly as possible.

Another great link about bridal make up and the preparation for the big day is…

As per usual my blog posts are never short, as I am always passionate about what I’m writing, but I hope this helps any bride seeking her glam squad for her big day!

Stay tuned XOXO

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