Part Two – Shoes Shoes and more shoes

As the ultimate shoe hoarder, Louboutin freak and total girlie girl nowadays I am actually a sort of sensible buyer, I try very hard now not to buy on total impulse and only spend big on the items that will last the test of time and I’ll get good wear out of. This summer I’ve made some very good investments…


Although they are obscenely expensive for basically a sole and small strip of leather, if you buy the classic Chanel sandals they will still be just as fashionable in 20 years’ time which I think justifies the price a little. The perfect sandal for a lunch, day time summery event and when heels would just look ‘too try hard’. Valentino and Balenciaga also do stunning sandals but questionable if they would be in fashion in many years to come given the hefty price tag and given the hefty price tag there are safer options. I’m also dying for a pair of Hermes sandals as they are just gorgeous too…


The Gina flat sandals are so beautiful for an occasion although I’ve personally had the Gina heels before and it irritates me that if the leather is metallic the min your feet sweat the colour rubs off, no one wants £600+ sandals that look knackered when you take them off.

After being on a real sandal and wedge hunt this summer, Ash bought out a fantastic collection that for a summer sandal are far more reasonable yet good quality and stylish. Im also a lover of Sam Edelman Gigi sandals classic and come in various different colours and materials although super hard to get in the UK. Palmaira sandals are always lovely too so so comfy and simple also a great style for kids, there are many copies floating around but the originals are the best. Michael Kors also do some great sandals and also have a great sale, I managed to bag a gorgeous pair for less than half price on


You cannot beat a haviana!!! I’ve bought 6 pairs this year and I spend all summer in them, I adore this year’s collection as they have really upped the fashion game with their variations.


I can’t necessarily speak from experience as I am yet to invest in some espadrilles and it will probably be a Chanel pair, however I cannot justify the price just yet. Although they look super comfy and are the perfect spring / travel shoe, I just have items that are higher on my want list.


Perfect London day out attire – Jeans, shirt, blazer, belt, stylish PUMPS and a beaut piece of arm candy.

All of the below will last a life time and I do adore my Chanel pumps and absolutely will be investing in more in the future.

Office work pumps – geox are unbeatably comfortable, if you commute in to London for work and are anything like me and NEED comfortable work shoes then Geox are the ones, again they go down to half price in the sale (£45 bloody good for a sturdy comfortable work shoe worn 5 days a week) and I’ve just purchased 2 pairs to start my new job with.



Gucci loafers will always be ultra cool especially put with a chic pair of trousers and a blouse.



Wow – let’s just say my bf has now invested in earplugs and pulls them out every time I mention wedges as I have bored him to death with my frustrating search for the perfect wedge this year. Shoe size 2, not ridiculously high, comfortable and basically the summer version of a heel unless you’re going to a fancy event – cannot say it’s been an easy find.

The only way is Jimmy choo!!! – Sorry to betray my beloved Louboutin but I’m afraid the wedge on a Louboutin is just way too heavy, they are a bit too high and uncomfortable. However the Jimmy Choo’s lightweight cork wedge and front platform to balance the height with patent straps are just classic, timeless, goes with everything and the ULTIMATE summer wedge.

And of course I buy 4 pairs so I am well and truly stocked until the end of time.

Zara bought out a couple of pairs that were nice but I did truly trail the high street websites and found nothing to fit, or that was flattering, good job Jimmy Choo saved my arse!

jc wedges

Court shoes
For anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Louboutin obsessive, as of the young age of 17 I have purchased around 40 pairs in my life time, going to all the events private sales, having my shoes signed by Mr Loubie himself and being invited in for a lengthy meeting at Louboutin to discuss the brand and being awarded a large voucher for their anniversary. It is safe to say I’m an absolute geek although the service I receive is second to none they are amazing, I’ve received gifts, personally allocated staff members in a few boutiques that keep me up to date with the new collections. I’m unsure that any other high end brand goes to those lengths to make their customers feel as valued as I do.

So when it comes to a court shoe no one does it better than the man that invented the red sole in my opinion. The key to comfort is a 100mm heel and no higher, with a style that provides a little more room and material. The So Kate and Pigalle are stunning but notorious for killing your tootsies. Once you have your classic styles down I then tend to stick to buying in the sales (40% off non classics) and my fave is always a black 100mm heel with maybe a little detail or stud which you can pick up for around £350 – £400 which is a steal for a Loub!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 17.53.15

Another good shoe option is the extremely popular Valentino rock studs, they are extremely comfortable one of the only pairs of shoes I have actually worn to death and worth every penny! They also have some good options that go in sale!

Charlotte Olympia do a gorgeous ‘dolly’ court shoe with the classic gold island platform.

Gianvito Rossi steal the show with the Perspex court shoe.

Strappy heels 

A strappy heel will forever be a closet must-have, a shoe you can pull out with a stunning floor length gown during the summer or for an occasion.

My top FAVE is the Jimmy Choo classic Lang / Lance style… although the Valentino is a close second and the block heel is super trendy right now!

I love an Aqua Azzura tassel, a Webster wing and wavy prada.

Flat Boots ankle / knee high

I invested in a gorgeous pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee, flat leather boots a couple of years ago and there’s no doubt I do love them and I’ve had great wear out of them! I’d like the grey suede and a high heel pair too! As much as i love them and a flat pair in leather are a good staple in the closet, the over the knee suede high heel ones i think are fashion fad of the moment and rather than investing £700 in the high heel ones, I got a great pair for £50 on

Classic Russell and Bromley Chelsea boots are a good closet staple.

r b chelsea

Valentino actually do a brilliant winter flat and high heel boot that are so comfortable and stylish, I do love those rockstuds but not totally convinced they will stand the test of time but I do love mine!

lv ranger

Louis Vuitton have really quite smashed it with the Ranger boots I’d defo invest in a classic pair.

Also loving a Timberland boot recently only in classic colours Black or Yellow – they look great with just a pair of black skinny jeans and jumper throughout the winter, as a good alternative to chelsea boots which i seem to live and die in through the winter months. Also a pair or Dr Martins (the patent are my fave and a little girlier) look great and stylish with a leather skirt or shirt casual shirt dress.


High heel boots

Chanel occasionally bring out a really gorgeous ankle boot with a perfect heel height and really elegant and classic shape, something I don’t like about Chanel is often their shoes have a very rounded toe which I don’t think gives off a nice line, although sometimes they throw in a goodie.

chanel boot

I do love a gorge Loubie 100mm high heel bootie teamed with black leathers or jeans with a body or blouse for winter dinners and drinks.

loub boot

I was on the hunt 2 years ago for a pair of heeled ankle boots with a thick heel that didn’t look masculine and Valentino served me well.

val boot


Currently ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with the Alaia heels, I want them in every colour.

The YSL tributes are a firm classic heel that every season looks gorgeous and are very comfortable.


The designer trainer edit – Jimmy Choo are great for trainers low top and high top comfortable, classic and one of the best in my opinion, they have been around for a while and are still a bestseller which says it all in my opinion. Balenciaga racerunners I have to admit I love and again are very comfortable, I have a pair myself, however I can’t say I’m a fan of the sock trainer or the triple S (vintage looking) trainer, they again are a short term trend and not worth the money. Chanel trainers don’t have huge consistency, can often be very colourful and chunky, but on occasion they do bring out a more classic style / colour, so it’s a case of keeping your eye out. The Valentino trainers I think look far better on men than women. The Alexander Mcqueen trainers with the platform sole (which remind me of baby spice’s trainers lol) are lovely and very versatile in terms of being neutral in style and colour.

I’m a big fan of the wedge trainer and although I have the Isabel Marant’s I think when you have small feet they look far too bulky, the Ash wedge trainers are my favourite, I like to wear them with a luxury lounge wear suit.


Nike Dualtone’s and Mayflies, Adidas N-5923, POD-S3.1, Swift run shoes, vans and converse are good girlie attractive feminine trainers.

It really is always worth shopping around, most brands have great sales on shoes and there are websites like;,, Selfridges and Harrods do discounted event weekends especially just before Christmas, Louboutin go on sale twice a year and offer 40% off seasonal pieces and it is always a good sale. If you want something from a particular brand it’s worth checking all stockists as prices do vary.

Why is my want list sooooooo longgggg??? I do the lottery 4 times a week come on Camelot help a girl out LOL… All my love the woman that lives in her shoes xoxo

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