Part 1 – Arm Candy…

I’m a real girl shoes and handbags are my thing I can never have enough, I think if you can it’s great to invest in key pieces that hold their value and stay fashionable forever!

I bought my first classic Chanel at 18 (9years ago 🙈) when I was working in Selfridges for £1610, considering they have now almost tripled in price I wished I’d bought every colour back then! However it’s still in mint condition, and still just as fashionable and will be for years to come in my books that’s money well spent!

I think when you have a fabulous handbag and shoe collection the outfit can be high street or boutique and you look a million dollars!

This will be a big arse post lol so will have to be two parts 😂

Part 1 – Bags

I always advise when building your collection start with classic staple colours; black, beige, navy, grey, nude, taupe, a white and metallic bag always comes in handy for summer, and sometimes it’s nice to have a bag that’s a bold colour for the time when your in all black or navy and a red handbag really makes the outfit! Until you have all classics then you can go mad and have every single colour in every brand and yes that’s my goal 😂

I personally don’t buy bags made from snakeskin or crocodile skin or any other unusual skin. The animals have usually had to endure a pretty brutal process for the brands to obtain these skins, that I think are unnecessary. I love fashion, I’m not a vegetarian, I wear fur and leather goods however the unusual skins that you typically find in very high end brands, I tend to avoid, not to mention it triples the price and a gorgeous, luxury handbag is expensive enough. Just a personal preference!

The Evening bag

Chanel obsessed – The Classic Chanel Flap Bag is timeless and will always be in style, the medium is a great size for fitting in necessities, the calfskin is my fave although the grainy leather is harder wearing. Approx £3500 and always going up 🙄

image-18However I’m a huge fan of The Boy Chanel a little more of a bold statement piece, they’ve been around a fair while now and I think they’re here to stay again a medium size is perfect. It’s also nice if you can buy not a ‘typical’ finish, I love the chevron Boy Chanel and it sets it apart from the rest making it a little less common. I would personally buy all colours if I could and I will one day 🤞🏼 again around the £3500 mark.

Gucci Marmont – just a Gucci version of a Chanel not to say they aren’t beautiful because they are and and the velvet finish is just so rich and gorgeous! A lot more affordable £1300

The Givenchy Mini Pandora Box evening bags are so cute and usually comes in many different colours, the Pandora is a good option and I think a perfect holiday evening bag my favourite is the white. Approx £1300

The Clutch

YSL Clutch – ‘height of the clutch fashion’ – is actually a decent size and comes in lots of different colours! And there’s no getting away from it it looks gorgeous every time. Around £800

Chanel Pouches are very sleek and classy looking and priced at £800, however you would get more for your money with a YSL clutch! The YSL clutch also comes with a long chain or in a few different styles and lots of colours. Roughly £800+ each


The Tote

Probably my all time fave style of handbag! Big enough to fit in your stuff, ultra stylish but not a huge black hole for all our women crap!

Louis Vuitton Cappucines I’m currently obsessed with it and want it in at least black and taupe. So so classy and sophisticated the small is my favourite in size! I love the bright coloured interior! I feel like Victoria Beckham or Audrey Hepburn when I try it on or imagine wearing it. And let’s face it fashion and styling ourselves is about the way it makes us feel! These will set you back £3250 steep yes but a good investment.

The Hermes Kelly I would possibly chop my arm off for one of those!!! Likely to set you back around £12-15k possibly more, only takes a year or more to make that’s if your lucky enough to get an appointment at Hermes to order one but all adds to the fun and excitement for a fashion sucker like me 😂 . The Kelly is a little less obvious and more select over the Birkin in my opinion that is possible the most copied bag ever!

The Lady dior bag timeless cute and always classy and pricey £3500!

Prada bibliotechque I just loveee! An updated version of the classic and the concertina style sides for me really set it off! Price tag £1650

Day bag

The Givenchy Antigona – A stunning statement bag, strong and classic (my current day bag) will set you back at around £1500

The Balenciaga city – trendy, comfy, not heavy and definitely great for an edgier look with the distressed looking leather and cool hardware. Price wise £1350

Louis Vuitton Speedy / Neverfall a Typical throw it all in type handbag that never goes out of style. The newer version comes with a detachable pouch and you can choose your interior colour! £900+ depending on material the gorgeous epi leather is a third dearer.

The Chanel Shopper is so sophisticated a style that has been around for forever, a great size well made and timeless. Approx £2000

YSL Monogram so similar to a Chanel Shopper or YSL Sac De Jour both classic, well made and stunning pieces. Around the £1600 mark.

Gucci Marmont Shopper is also lovely and similar to the 2 above stylish and a perfect day time option. £1700

The Prada Saffiano Classic always a gorgeous looking bag doesn’t look great on the shoulder though so more of a carry on the arm hand bag. £1600

The Celine Phantom (£2200) / Knot / Belt bag (£1600) similar to the Givenchy Antigona sturdy, strong, solid handbags with a stiff shape that really looks the part.

Stella McCartney Falabella bags probably the most comfortable bag I’ve ever had, lightweight and very cool and stylish more of a weekend bag in my opinion. With the slouch soft non leather material makes for a great ‘I don’t fancy carrying the world today’ bag and look cool doing it. £720

Miu Miu day time bags are so soft and comfortable to wear, however if bought in a lighter colour they do mark easily due to the leather being so soft. I like Miu Miu but for me it wouldn’t be the first bag I would go out and spend £1200 on, but that’s just down to personal preference. £1200-£1400 depending on style.

Not forgetting Valentino! Yes they’ve bought out some beautiful pieces over the last couple of years, I’m just not convinced the Rockstud style will be in fashion forever. I think when you part with the best part of £2000 for a handbag, it should still be ultra fashionable 5 years later and more. I think it’s such a waste when a few years later it ends up on eBay for a fraction of the price you paid for it. Although if you are indulging this gorgeous style will set you back £1600.

The Messenger

Gucci Messenger (disco bag) – I recently invested in one of these after wanting one for a long time! And it’s been one of my best purchases by far! Are you like me? The bigger the bag the more you shove in it? Well with a small messenger it’s heaven carrying just a purse, phone, keys and lip balm I feel like I have new shoulders! Not to mention it is so trendy and versatile!!! £805

The YSL Messenger is also lovely and very similar to the Gucci disco bag.

The Beach bag

The Chanel Canvas is stunning the price not so much but still such a gorgeous bag!

The big straw beach bags are a great look however I find them a pain to pack in the case, and whilst on holidays the sunburnt shoulders can’t always take a straw handle 😦

I also bought a Sophia Webster beach bag not long ago only down side is the weight – a little on the heavy side. £150

I’m still yet to find a perfect beach bag that isn’t heavy easy to pack and not £2000! Because let’s face it it’s likely to get covered in sand and sun oil. Any suggestions would be greatly received!


Samsonite you cannot beat I am completely in love with my 4 matching black hard case 4 wheelers. Sleek, hardwearing easy to manoeuvre, spacious and just fantastic cases. They also do great sales and I’ve bought 4 top of the range lightweight cases for £700 that is a steal from the samsonite website, they will last me years! Great investment – happy customer!

Unless you private jet around the world Louis Vuitton luggage is not worth having in my opinion, if it’s only going to be chucked on a conveyor belt or put in the hold. How devastating to see your gorgeous expensive cases all marked up.

Although a Louis Vuitton holdal is stunning, perfect for weekends away and hand luggage, and this I think is timeless, gorgeous and will always be a desirable item. £1300+ depending on size.

Other brands – I don’t think Chloe has anything outstanding, Mulberry I don’t think stands out enough and the price for what they offer is crazy, to think a Bayswater used to be £600 a couple of years back. Louboutin handbags I think are really finding their identity and are lovely pieces, for me I just prefer other brands for bags. In a market that is saturated with incredible designers it’s not an easy task to stand out, but if you buy correctly you will have a timeless collection that will be money well spent.

All the above are on my personal want list and I would honestly buy all in every colour I believe they are investments, keep hold of the dustbags and things that make them precious. You can’t beat girly eye candy!

I’m also a sucker for a set I love a matching purse although they can sometimes be half as expensive as the handbag.

Just a heads up! Make sure you check your bag out first, weight is everything I am guilty of buying gorgeous pieces in the past, but because they weigh a ton I don’t wear them often. Currently the studded Alexander wang bag I used to be obsessed with is on eBay, because it’s too heavy in my opinion and I don’t use it because of that reason.

Another big tip when shopping for gorgeous handbags Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and Dior never go in the sale, BUT the other brands sometimes do! Always check secret sales, 10% off weekends in Harrods, Christmas comes early at Selfridges in December, Black Friday, Summer and Winter sales and if I think of more I will share! Although being on all your favourite brands mailing lists help! I NEVER pay full price unless it’s a very classic piece that will never go in sale or I cannot find a good deal!


How amazing is that!!!!! Black leather Céline Knot £300 off!

Part 2 the shoe domain – to follow stay tuned!Xoxo

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