Warm and Chic…

So I would like to share with you some of my favourite things brands and staples everyone should have in their wardrobe…

I like to think of myself as a smart shopper not everything warrants the crazy price tags and I love investing in stunning classic items that really stand the test of time when taken care of however other styles I believe high street or boutiques do the trick!

Theme – Outerwear

Winter puffer coats considering we’re all living in them right now! I think the importance with a winter coat is obviously warmth but when we wear it with every outfit through the winter months it needs to not cramp our style and still give shape to our figures with a smart fabric and stylish design as no one ever looked cool wearing a sleeping bag all winter…

There are the obvious brands like Canada Goose and my favourite style is the Chelsea parka it’s smart and really brings you in at the waist, the Khaki is a gorgeous colour.


Moncler is probably best for a SMART looking winter coat and they really last! I love the shiny fabrics and how fitted they make them, it’s the best I’ve ever felt in a warm winter coat they go down to 00 for all the small people out there and they’re lightweight too! Both priced around £600-700 but will last for years.


Trench coats are such a classic style spring coat I think everyone should have and for some reason they always look really great in Beige and Navy again making them more versatile. Burberry I think owns the crown for the BEST trench coats around and Aquascutum at a close 2nd but it’s definitely something on my wish list I need to add to the closet. Prices at £1000-£1500.

A wool blend evening coat – my current favourite is an All Saints Leni coat Tailored to perfection, The Leni Coat is in an Italian wool-blend and features a soft suede collar and a minimalist button fastening. I’d always pick Black for this type of coat however the taupe is also stunning! Teaming this with a dress or any smart evening outfit I think works really well! This style is £318.

Leather jackets – again I think Allsaints steals the show for this they have a great range of styles and cater for the petite 😁 a great option to put with jeans, heels, trainers, boots and almost anything! Another item that will always last forever and looks better when worn! My favourite is the Dalby £298.

Blazers – so right now the ULTIMATE must have blazer is the Balmain blazer which is gorgeous and expensive at £1910🙈 I love the shape the length and how fitted it is especially at the waist. In my research I found no other brand right now accentuating the waistline as much as Balmain has with his iconic creation and I feel that is a KEY feature in a traditionally masculine item of clothing when a woman is wearing it it needs to celebrate a woman’s shape as opposed to hide it.

It doesn’t have to be as bold and as gaudy as you would necessarily think with Balmain being a pretty bold designer as they do do a style with just 1 gold button as the clasp which would make this a more classic option and stand the test of time better and in my opinion be better value for money, there is nothing more satisfying than investing in a key quality piece that still looks show stopping in 5-10 years time! Plus I’m a keen recycler I hate parting with things in my wardrobe I once really fell in love with and reinvention can be fun and COST EFFECTIVE!

For a trendier and relaxed version the over sized blazers worn with rolled up or rushed up sleeves also look great for an evening out and many brands like Cameo and the Fifth at http://www.fashionbunker.com do some great styles.

     Fur – firstly apologises to anyone who is very against wearing fur!

I personally do like real fur and it does look stunning. The Gilets and coats out the last 2 years are gorgeous and I just love that a fur can be the focus of an outfit and is so warm through the winter. I think it looks the best with a plain roll neck dress or top with skinny black or blue jeans. I’d personally only buy fur from a recommended reliable source on Instagram, from a good market, or boutique however they always tend to have a higher mark up due to overheads. Prices depending on type of fur £200-£400.

Spring / Summer Jackets – With the British weather we are a nation that rarely feels safe without some sort of jacket. Zara and H&M does this style very well, the suede effect jackets with no collar or the lightweight water fall front in pastel tones I also particularly love Tan for the summer as it’s a good neutral versatile summery colour that you can match a handbag and shoes too!

Bomber jackets, Denim jackets, Tweed jackets, Biker jackets, Macs the list goes on, all those lovely jackets we like to experiment with in different colours when the weather is a little warmer. I don’t personally warrant much money on these particular styles unless it is a stand out piece or something you cannot walk away from as these styles tend to be styles we don’t get a ton of use out of and go in and out of fashion each season, so high street and one off boutiques cater perfectly for these pieces.

For anyone on more of a budget – Zara cover most of the styles above really well! And Primark have also bought out some stunning suede effect jackets and bikers in gorgeous colours for the summer I picked up a grey and tan one and I’ve received lots of compliments when I’ve worn them also the perfect price range for the ‘in fashion’ style jackets and the jackets we only throw on a handful of times. Still buzzing Primark now do a size 4 for the small people 🙂

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