Be good to your hair skin and body…

I’m a true believer in looking after what you have, I’m certainly not against surgery however I do believe in everything in moderation, doing your homework, making yourself happy and looking after yourself, you only get one body at the end of the day!

So I’d love to share some routines and products I really believe in that are mostly natural good value for money and with brilliant results!

I spend my life carrying out my skin and hair routines to look after my natural self.

Here’s some of them…

1-2 times a week I add coconut oil to my bath to moisturise and hydrate my skin which leaves me with the softest, silkiest feeling skin. It’s literally the coconut oil you cook with it’s completely natural, cheap and very good! Prevents any rashes after shaving too!

I also use it as a hair mask 1-2 times a month, always apply warm to the scalp ( microwave the jar to liquidise in to oil ) then covering the entire head of hair to get the best out of it resulting in healthy glossy looking hair, I definitely recommend 2 washes after to get all of the oil out. I always find on a hair wash night if I put the oil on first thing when I get home, get on with any jobs I need to do at home, then wash it off when I’m ready to jump in the shower or bath an hour or so later, then it’s something I’ve fitted around my life as most of us don’t have hours to spend preening.

It’s £2.25 a jar in Tesco and worth every penny! Holland and Barrett sell it for £16 not sure if there’s a difference but the Tesco one does the trick!

2-3 times a week I apply Vaseline to my brows and lashes which helps them grow! Caster oil is also supposed to be good for this. I also swear by the Laura Mercier lash curlers, which I often use before applying a little Vaseline and it gives this effect of LVL lashes.

Mostly through the winter months I rub my feet in with Vaseline and put my socks on for the moisture to soak in and my feet literally feel brand new after! If you suffer from hard skin I’d recommend removing it before rubbing in the Vaseline or any rich cream that would soften and moisturise the feet to get the best results!

You can also do this with your hands and gloves but recommended when asleep!

You can’t beat the Laura Mercier body scrub to really shed your dead skin in the bath, I tend to do this twice a month and moisturise with the Laura Mercier Body Souffle after, there’s no better feeling after using this over the entire body and then moisturising after! Not to mention they smell incredible!! Give the body cream and honey bath a go too 😍

Best time to buy is when John Lewis / Harrods / Liberty’s are doing 10% off OR buy a set at Christmas time 👍🏼

Skin care

I adore the bare minerals skin care range as it’s hypoallergenic very kind to the skin, the ingredients are completely natural. I love the cleansers both the clay and oil based ones they remove the whole face of make up including heavy eye make up, I hate using a ton of cotton pads especially at the end of the day when I’m tired, however with these cleansers I pump 3 drops in to my hand and massage my face then slosh with water and dry my face with a black hand towel, quick and easy no mess no pads and no tingly sore skin!

They’ve just launched a face mask which I’m dying to try!

The skin longevity serum is also divine really hydrating not over priced or filled with overly rich strong ingredients I use this mainly in the evening ( the best time the skin gets to absorb moisture and goodness ) underneath my bare minerals rich face cream butter drench ( I have normal / dry skin ) and also the skin longevity eye gel. This 3 piece skin care set would set you back at £100 and is great for sensitive highly reactive skins and isn’t ridiculously expensive. Bare minerals

Also does many anti blemish products perfect for anyone that really suffers with breakouts.

I personally find that my skin benefits from using different products so 3-4 times a week I will use a Nivea face cream during the day and let my skin breath in the evening after getting out the shower. Then the other 3 nights i’ll use my bare minerals full set and this keeps my skin well balanced and hydrated.

Exfoliators – St ives apricot is such a fantastic gritty facial scrub that really leaves the skin feeling super fresh! I use this 2-3 times a week!

I also love the Lush exfoliator called Ocean Salt its a really harsh scrub I personally love a deep exfoliation but to use once a week would be enough.

Tangle teasers you cannot beat them! Best invention ever when straight out of the shower!

Shampoo conditioner and serum – Again I use a mixture as my hair really benefits from changing it up some times… I use osmo salon size volumising shampoo and conditioner most days and then I have my posh range I use 1-2 times a week the range is called Nashi and is sold mainly in salons and also on amazon this stuff is truly gorgeous! Moroccan hair oil is always a great serum to use on wet hair along with the Nashi one they are rich in moisturiser and worth the money (both are around £30 each) OR for something less pricy Argon or macademia oil from Superdrug works too!

Tinting – My body hair including my lashes and brows is quite fair so I’m an avid lash and brow tinter! I’m a little rubbish with getting to and booking my appointments, because life is full and busy so I do them myself. Eylure do a great lash and brow tint in boots! But my favourite is Appraise which you can buy on Amazon or from a wholsaler, I mix up the tint with the tint developer (the appraise cream developer is the best) in the other end of an egg cup, or tint cup and apply the dark brown solution with a lip brush to my brows, and then using a cotton bud clean around the edge to perfect the shape. I also apply blue black tint to my lashes and paint it on like mascara and leave both on for 15-60 mins depending on how dark you like your brows and lashes I personally like the skin to be tinted too to give me fuller brows. It’s easy and far cheaper!

Cuticle oil – really does make a difference in keeping the nail bed and cuticles healthy and fresh looking! Doesn’t have to be expensive, OPI do a great one!

TOP TIP: Vicks vapor rub is amazing for discoloured nails especially toenails if there are white patches on the nail persevere with Vicks right at the cuticle and rub in to the nail you will soon notice a difference!

FLASH – fashion discovery!

Pull and bear jeans stretchy comfortable good quality £13-20 how cheap is that! Also go down to a size 4 and aren’t made for skinny unrealistic giants so no alterations needed 🙂

Primark have also started doing a size 4 for all the small people out there 😀

I was naughty this week I treated myself to the Gucci disco bag and Gucci belt that I’ve had my eye on for over a year! It’s been the Best Buy so far, I love having a stylish smaller bag I can wear across the body or on the shoulder that isn’t too big, goes with everything and doesn’t weigh a ton like all my other handbags lol!

I hope my tips and tricks have been useful to many fabulous women and there’s lots more to come! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Be good to your hair skin and body…

    1. The key to keeping your hair under control is keeping it hydrated so if during the day you can put treatments in it or coconut oil it and just put it up out of your face it should be easier the style and maintain in the evening. Thank you!!!! Xxx


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