My first blog post…

Hi, for those of you who that don’t know me my name is Emma Mack, I am a hair and make up artist based in ‘TOWIE land’ of Essex. I am obsessed with fashion and make-up, I worked for 7 years in Selfridges, London for various brands, I have a huge passion for great products, high quality tailored clothing, business and girl power!

I like to think I might be a mini Carrie Bradshaw for London lol (wishful thinking) 🤔I spend a lot of time checking out different brands for beauty and fashion, researching their ethos’ and where they originate from.

I love luxury shoes, handbags and products but I like to mix an outfit with a little high street. If I’m after a killer outfit then the brands I love to shop with are not high street or haute couture runway, I like quality fabrics the way something hangs and falls on a woman’s figure in my opinion makes the outfit a classy, sassy and sexy look. I am an avid clever shopper not often will I pay full price for an outfit unless it’s high street, clothes are so disposable these days that I believe in investing in staple pieces for the wardrobe i.e good shoes, beautiful handbags, some classy jewellery, a great selections of coats, fabulous underwear and the rest can be a little cheaper and experimental. I love a really good sample sale or private event, exceptional customer service, discount codes and a very good buy. If I hit up the AQAQ sample sale once or twice a year I may leave with 10-20 pieces and when an exciting event hits the diary I’m ready to roll with something that fits well, I really love, was an absolute bargain, a little unique and with no last min stressing!

I know as consumers we hate being bombarded with junk mail when signing up to mailing lists but being on the right ones brings some great bargains and treats! I have tons to share with you from beauty tips and tricks, great sales and events, amazing brands that you may have never heard of, products you won’t be able to live without and so much more, I barely know where to start…

This week has been my birthday and every year me and my mum do a day in Harrods on my special day…

Although you always have to hit up Zara and Topshop in Knightsbridge – Topshop do an exclusive limited Topshop range with a special label, most pieces are usually stunning and go down to a size 4 (yay for the small people like myself). I found a beautiful suit, bold shouldered, fitted open blazer and tapered high waisted trousers, with a silver tassel down the leg and along the sleeve. Teamed with a bralette, body or crisp pale coloured shirt and a pointed court shoe (Louboutin so Kate / Valentino Rockstud heel / Brian Attwood court shoe) would look gorgeous, very Victoria Beckham (my idol!) Spice girl, dancer, fashionista and business woman I’m obsessed!

Topshop fringed suit

I’ve never usually been a Celeb Boutique fan purely because the body cons originated from Herve Leger and I always thought it was just a copy brand and cheaper version. However they do have a concession in Topshop which I stumbled across and wow have they upped their game, as a brand there were some really stunning pieces from lace jewelled bodies to elegant textured dresses, so high five Conna the brand seems to be smashing it, with a lot of celebrity sightings in her garments and huge expansion across the US!

Zara is always usually really good the Spanish do dress well! I also spotted a lot of copied pieces from high end designers…

I personally prefer original items but the effort to provide a similar design for a high street price for the consumer in a lower price bracket was appreciated.

Soon after stepping in to Harrods I did my rounds of the beauty hall and did a little investigating on the Charlotte Tilbury counter, after they have taken the beauty world by storm I asked lots of questions about products, price point and tried out textures and pigments of products. I was very pleasantly surprised and something I love is that there wasn’t millions of products, just 2 foundations, 1 primer and 2 face creams, much more simple and not so over whelming! I already have the lip glosses and lip liners and the quality I must say is amazing, so yes Charlotte I’m now a fan and I’m a tough crowd! Apologises to the poor sales assistant that was super tested on her knowledge, lets hope it wasn’t her first day!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE Louboutin fan, and I still get giddy when I now see their cosmetics counter standing tall and proud, next to all the other well established beauty houses, in the famous beauty halls of our high end London stores #shoutout 😀

TIP: Laura Mercier eyelash curlers are by far the best eyelash curlers ever made!! Small, compact, not scary and stays curled all day, lashes looks great with no mascara but tinted / dark lashes, then add Vaseline to give a more natural look. Hassle free without removing the mascara!

Can’t do Harrods without visiting all my favourite brands and checking out their latest collections! Chanel – always rock it! They had just received a delivery of BOY Chanel bags in all the classic and latest colours it took all my might to walk away without one.

I’m obsessed with the Louis Vuitton Cappucines bag it is super classy and elegant (featured in the photos above), that one is for sure at the top of my want list right now, Gucci have made the biggest comeback this year and they are making some amazing select pieces…

Valentino’s collection was disappointing with the white studded, bright coloured collection lets just say you wouldn’t look twice if it wasn’t Valentino… and thennnnnn I visited my favourite diamond brand DE BEERS and found my future engagement ring its magnificent!!!!


Just so I won’t be dragging my hand along the floor with the weight of the rock, I want the left design, with the yellow diamond from the right only £60k I don’t want much lol HA!

Harrods fifth floor shoe boudoir is always a girls dream, I am a handbag and shoe obsessive but currently at the top of my want list are the Alaia heels that are never in stock!!! However they are the best price on Net-a- Porter you heard it here first!


Aqaq Up to 50% off
Selfridges Christmas comes early event up to 20% off with code SELFCCE online
Charlotte Olympia 30% off
Sophia Webster always do a fabulous sale
Spotted on a celeb sign up to their mailing list as they always email discount codes out
Look out for Harrods 10% off weekends leading up to Xmas their rewards card is so worth having!
My ultimate fave!!! Christian Louboutin private sale starts next Tuesday if your a good customer of theirs it’s worth enquiring although it is invite only and it’s up to 40% off! And then general sale to public will be after Xmas!
Pat mcgrath biggest make up artist in the world has launched a line of make up exclusive to Sephora and online Pat McGrath eye palette looks absolutely incredible!
Victoria secrets online are always giving away free products or online discounts so you get a better deal online than in store and more choice again another mailing list worth being on!
30% off everything with religion clothing amazing website basically last season and some this season kurt Geiger and multiple other great brands selling shoes boots etc at very discounted prices again join the mailing list for extra discounts!
Sale shopping in store is hideous everything looks a mess and undesirable but online it’s great it turns up fresh out of the box at a good price and if you don’t like it send it back! Sales used to be strictly after Christmas and in the summer, but things are definitely changing some brands start sale before Xmas now, and brands constantly send out discount codes via email as and when, as well as Black Friday now becoming a UK trend too!

I hope this has given a little dose of what’s to come… stay tuned! xoxo


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